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A fast growing technology startup out of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is looking for a Lead User Experience Developer to design and develop the user interface for high performance acoustic simulation tools for architects and content creation tools for sound designers. The acoustic simulation tools will be desktop tools and the content creation tools will be a combination of desktop tools and iPad apps. The Lead UX Developer will work alongside a small team (2-3 people) of programmers and sound designers. This role will report directly to the CTO. Qualified full-time or contract applicants should apply.

  • Lead design and development of all aspects of the UI of all the products released by the company
  • Evangelize and drive the overall design process
  • Rapid iteration and prototyping of product ideas
  • Usability testing of the design prototypes
  • Collaborate closely with the management and engineering team
  • Work with engineers and QA team to ensure final products meet design specs
  • Talk with users to understand their workflow to understand their UI/UX needs
  • Experience in developing desktop UI/UX
  • Experience in developing iPad UI/UX
  • Expert UX development using C#/.NET or similar desktop platforms
  • Expert UX development using HTML5/CSS3 or Objective-C on iOS

The Company, founded in early 2011, develops high performance and accurate acoustics simulation algorithms for architects and acoustics consultants by leveraging high-performance computer graphics techniques and the latest research in acoustics simulation. The company has developed an acoustics software development kit (SDK). The SDK provides access to efficient and accurate acoustics simulation capabilities. As next step, desktop tools (in Windows) for acoustics simulation will be developed on top of the SDK. The Company also develops intuitive audio content creation tools for sound designers to create physics-based sound effects using intuitive tools for movies, video games, and live theater performances. The company has received numerous grants and affiliations.

The Company believes that audio is often overlooked and underutilized in most media experiences, due to the complexity of realistically modeling sound. Done right, audio and acoustics technology can elevate the entertainment experience to the next level, and also provide powerful tools for engineers, architects, and audio designers. The Company will bring next generation audio and acoustics technology to these applications through innovation.

Email  Anish Chandak for more information.

Job Details

  • Company:  Impulsonic, Inc.
  • Location: Chapel Hill, NC
  • Posted: October 16, 2012

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