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How does the application process work?

Step 1: Apply

We are accepting mentee applications and mentor applications until Friday, 4/26, 12pm (noon) EDT for Spring 2019 program. We'll review applications and send notifications the week of 4/29.

Step 2: Get Matched

The Director of Mentorship will match accepted applications using a combination of:

  • Shared interests or experiences
  • Communication preferences
  • Location
  • Availability

Step 3: Accept

We’ll notify mentors of their match with a mentee. After the mentor approves the match, we’ll make introductions via email.

Step 4: Attend the Kick Off

The mentorship program runs from May 13th to August 13th. On Saturday, May 11th, we’ll be hosting an in-person kick-off event in Raleigh. Although it’s not mandatory, it’s encouraged that everyone attend. We'll discuss what the program is, what it isn't, and how to get the most out of it. This helps set expectations, which will help participants define realistic goals. This is also a good opportunity to meet the mentorship cycle’s cohort, which you can consider an extended network of peers during the mentorship program.

How does the program work once I have a match?

This is a three month program from May to August. Both mentors and mentees should consider how they can maximize their experience, by creating a plan or setting milestones along the way. Mentors and mentees will determine their own meeting schedules. We don't have any formal requirements, but we suggest touching base at least once a month.

Do I need to be a member of Triangle UXPA to apply for this program?

Mentees must be members of Triangle UXPA prior to Orientation with the program. You don't have to be a member at the time you submit your application, but if you're accepted into the program you need to register. Membership is $29.95/year for professionals and $14.95/year for students.

What if I don't get matched in this cycle?

Remember that for every cycle, the demand for mentors far outweighs the supply. If we can't find a match for you, that's by no means a reflection of your qualifications.

We will keep your application on file and notify you about upcoming cycles. In the next cycle, you'll be able to make updates to your application, rather than start from scratch.

In the meantime, we’ll you will get priority in registering for our series of career-focused mentorship events. Stay tuned for more details on those! Also, keep attending our community events or events hosted by Ladies that UX, exploreUX, and IXDA as a good way to stay engaged with the UX community.

How can I get the most out of having a mentor?

Be clear about your goals going into the program. Your goals will drive your experience throughout the program. If your goals aren’t crystal clear, that’s ok, just make sure you have a rough idea and discuss them with your mentor. They can help refine and solidify your goals with you.

What kind of guidance do mentees seek?

Most people think mentees are younger people seeking out guidance from seasoned practitioners in the field. However, there are lots of different types of mentorship relationships, including peer mentorship. In these cases, peers are sharing experiences, like what tools they’re using, what methods have worked and haven’t worked. Some topics mentees want to discuss include:

  • Tools, books, techniques you’re using for user research, design, prototyping, etc.
  • How do I transition from my current career to a UX career?
  • Experience working at agency, in-house company, contractor, or as a freelancer
  • Help refining their resume and portfolio
  • Coaching through the design interview process
  • Perspective on working in a particular UX role (e.g., researcher, designer, information architect, etc.)

What are my obligations if I take part?

The mentorship cycle is three months long (5/13-8/13) and during that time, you’re responsible for making sure you’re working toward your goals that you and your mentor have agreed to. While you might only meet your mentor once a month, you might have some work to do in between your meetings. Be prepared to have something to discuss or show every time you meet. Your success will depend on how much you take advantage of this opportunity.

After you are paired, we’ll have a program kick off, where all mentor/mentee pairs will be invited to meet in person. This will be a great opportunity to break the ice with your mentee and discuss some basics, like how often you will me and how you’ll communicate.

As a mentee, you’re also agreeing to the Triangle UXPA Code of Conduct.

What will I get out of participating in the program?

  • Personalized attention and feedback from an experienced UX professional
  • The chance to develop professional relationships by meeting other mentors/mentees in your cohort
  • Guidance on achieving your goals

How am I matched to a mentor?

We do our best to find a matching mentor based on information in your application. The application will ask for your interests, experience, location, availability, communication preferences, and more. The only information we have to match you with a suitable mentor is what you provide on your application. The more detail and personality you can provide, the better your chances are of being matched. For instance, one word answers to open-ended questions won't give us much to work with to try to find you a match.

The week of 4/29, we'll let you know which mentor, if any, matches your experience and interests. Once you and your mentor approve the match, we'll introduce you via email.

On 5/11, we’ll have an in-person kick off meeting. All mentorship pairs will meet to go over details of the program, then you and your mentee will have a chance to meet, set goals, and go over logistics.

Things aren’t working out with my mentorship, what should I do?

We try our best to match pairs that will hopefully work out. If you feel like things aren’t working with your mentorship pairing, you or your mentor could choose to end the mentorship. If this happens, please notify Michelle ( You’re also welcome to reach out if you have any concerns about your mentorship pairing.

Please note, if you are matched twice and both mentorship pairings don't work over the full, three-month session (i.e., they end before the session ends), then Triangle UXPA reserves the right to not match you again. We do this because we want to make sure the our mentors/mentees have a solid, high-quality experience.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

You can shoot the Director of Mentorship an email at

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