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06 Jan 2022 8:51 AM | Audrey Bryson (Administrator)

Company: Lenovo
Location:  Morrisville, NC 
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The Next UX team is an innovative research and design team and a growing as a strategic asset for Lenovo. The team hunts new UX solutions that Lenovo could deliver over the next 2-3 years by exploring intersections between design, technology, and user value. We seek someone who is passionate about service design, applying research rigor to uncover insights, and collaborating with other cross-functional team members and stakeholders to design new service opportunities, evaluate new technology, and help vet ideas. We want open-minded and creative teammates who love uncovering the best problems to solve and crafting better experiences.

The Next UX team works across a broad set of spaces covering relevant topics for the Future of PC, Domestic Technologies, Education and Advancing Learning, Wearable devices, and Evolution of Work and Workplace. This role will focus on developing and working towards longitudinal goals for a set of service-related priorities: 1) identifying gaps and areas of improvement for devices as a service in the commercial space 2) improving the employee device selection experience and the IT decision maker experience for asset management and recovery and 3) designing services and solutions that create a sustainable future and contribute to a circular economy.

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