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UX Specialist (entry-level or experienced)

10 Mar 2018 12:53 PM | Bendte Fagge (Administrator)

Company: Nielsen Norman Group

Location: Anywhere! Remote work, but lots of travel, so being near an airport helps

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Nielsen Norman Group is hiring user experience specialists. We currently have job openings for two types of candidates:

  • Entry-level: fresh out of university (or graduating soon), with a relevant degree
  • Experienced: 1-9 years’ experience working professionally as full-time user experience staff in a professionally managed team

The 3 main requirements are:

  1. Super smart: able to figure anything out quickly, in the smartest 1-2% of the population.
  2. Compelling public speaking, charismatic on-stage performance, fearless in front of any size audience.
  3. Excellent and persuasive writer of anything from short articles to full client reports: can explain complicated topics so that average readers can easily understand them and will find the exposition captivating.

We are less concerned with educational background or specific degrees, because if you meet the above 3 criteria, then anything you need to know we can teach you quickly. One of the greatest benefits of this job is that you will be closely mentored by the best experts in the business. You learn more in less time than you would in any other company, because of the diversity of assignments, the excellence of the team, and the power of using sound behavioral user research methods. However, the following describes the background of many candidates we’ve hired in the past:

  • Education: Bachelor's or Master's degree in human-computer interaction (HCI), user experience, usability, human factors, information architecture, interaction design, digital art or interactive media, visual design, information science, technical writing, communications, instructional design or educational technology, digital marketing, psychology, or computer science with a user interface focus. We also hire people with Ph.D.s, if they want to do applied research, not academic research. (For entry-level candidates, we do require a relevant education. If you don’t have a UX-related degree, first get a few years’ hands-on UX experience in your current company and then apply to us later.)
  • Experience working as full-time user experience staff in a professionally managed software development organization, professionally managed digital marketing group, or a large Internet property. If you’re applying based on actual real-world work experience, education or degrees don’t matter, but this experience does have to be a full-time, hands-on UX job as an actual staff member with full-time user experience work duties in a professional environment with skilled management and a well-defined interaction-design process.

NN/g is a bureaucracy-free organization: your focus is on excellence in the UX profession, not on paperwork or office politics. Also, in our company the UX people are the most important part of the organization, not an oppressed minority.

These are full-time positions (with benefits).

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