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Product Designer

14 Jun 2019 5:11 PM | Audrey Bryson (Administrator)

Company: Teamworks
Location: Durham, NC
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Today’s elite athletes manage calendars with an increasingly complex web of events. From game day, to training and travel, to social and charity events, the average athlete's schedule is packed. This is why Teamworks exists: we make it easy for athletes, coaches, and support staff to coordinate their schedules, communicate efficiently, and empower them with resources to find success both on and off the field. Our customers include well known universities, professional sports teams, and olympic organizations all over the world. We provide tools to manage calendars, message groups, coordinate travel, and manage academic requirements for athletes (among many other things).

To further our mission of engaging and empowering athletes, we’re looking for a creative and driven Product Designer to join our design team in Durham, NC. Our ideal candidate will bring a blend of UX and visual expertise to our suite of web and mobile applications.

In this role, you will work with a range of people on our engineering and product teams to create engaging designs that have lasting impact. You’ll do this in an iterative fashion; presenting work to customers frequently, evaluating hypotheses, and creating informed designs. You’ll also work closely with our Director of Product Design and other designers to build and maintain our design language and guidelines. Furthermore, you’ll serve as an inspirational leader and teammate on an agile squad, setting a high bar for design and pushing both yourself and those around you to create career-defining work.

Within three months you’ll successfully:
* Design exceptional features, informed by user research, that exceed the expectations of the teams and athletes we serve
* Make significant contributions to our product vision though conversations with customers and other product leaders
* Develop a strong working relationship with product managers and engineers, helping them schedule and plan work with precision
* Collaborate with other designers and engineers to extend and document our design system so that it is easier to deliver high quality features with a set of reusable components

Activities to Achieve Success:
* Participating in frequent customer discovery calls, testing and iterating on concepts
* Working closely with Product and Engineering to break work into achievable and meaningful chunks
* Helping to build a healthy and engaging design culture at Teamworks
* Consistently pushing yourself and our team to ask “what problem are we trying to solve and do we have the correct solution”
* Continuing to grow in your knowledge, experience, and skill set

Experience We're Looking For:
* 3-7 years of experience designing web and mobile applications
* Skilled in multiple aspects of product design: especially UX and Visual
* Led design projects at a SaaS (Software as a Service) product company
* A portfolio that speaks to the breadth and depth of your ability in both web and mobile

Traits We're Looking For:
* Strong communicator and advocate for good design
* Collaborative spirit - you appreciate strong, direct feedback about your work, but you’re also capable of pushing back when appropriate
* Value user research and are comfortable participating in it as well as managing relationships with customers and stakeholders
* Comfortable working within an existing design system, capable of working within a limited set of components, and introducing new ones only when necessary
* Strong worth - ethic and see projects through to completion
You embody our core values: honesty, humility, exceptionalism, hard-work, commitment, and innovation.

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