Board of Directors: Roles, Responsibilities, and Benefits

Joining the Board of Directors is a great way to support our community and network with some of its brightest and most active members. We're always looking for new faces that are excited to help our community thrive! Every year, our veterans help get new folks up and running, and we hope you'll join us! We hold regular elections each summer, but if you're interested in volunteering outside that time drop us a line at and let us know you'd like to help out. 

President (3 - 4 hours/week)

 Triangle UXPA Strategy

  • Keep mission current and vital - engage community to determine needs and goals (through whatever methods seem useful surveys, interviews, task force, etc.)
  • Update Triangle UXPA activities as needed to support the mission.
  • Ensure Triangle UXPA is represented appropriately to International UXPA on an as-needed basis.
  • Ensure member and sponsor expectations are met.

 Triangle UXPA Chapter and Board of Directors Leadership

  • Schedule and run quarterly Board of Directors Meetings (set agenda, ensure decisions get made, clarify projects/actions and get Directors to take responsibility and accountability for them)
  • Schedule and run special project team meetings as needed
  • Appoint unelected Board members as needed.
  • Monitor progress with projects/actions; follow up with responsible contributors, including:
    • Board of Directors Officers
    • Volunteers
    • Advisory Board Members

 Triangle UXPA Advisory Board (made up of Triangle UXPA sponsors and other appointed advisors)

  • Schedule and run bi-annual Advisory Board meetings (set agenda, ensure decisions get made, clarify projects/actions and get Advisory Board Members to take responsibility and accountability for them)
    • Present Board of Directors progress to Advisory Board for feedback and recommendations
  • Handle any concerns/requests from the Advisory Board

This is an officer-level position and is responsible for understanding the organizational charter and ensuring organizational compliance.

Ensure legal protection/compliance of the organization.

Secretary (1 - 2 hours/week)

Ensure notes are kept of all organizational meetings.

Primary responsibility for understanding the organizational charter and ensuring organizational compliance.

This is an officer-level position and has additional responsibilities for organizational decisions under the charter.

Treasurer (2 hours/week)

 Establish yearly budget based on projected annual funding

◈ Work with the Professional and Community events team and annual conference (UX Y'All) team to manage event budgets and expenses

 Manage bank account, fee collections, incoming postal mail, and member refunds

 Manage accounts payable and receivable, including payments to speakers and vendors

Manage and prepare the organizations annual tax filing in conjunction with our CPA

Maintain and monitor our 501(c)(3) status and state non-profit status

 Prepare income/expense reporting, bank balances, expense forecasts and present quarterly to:

  • Triangle UXPA Board of Directors
  • Triangle UXPA Advisory Board

 Be the expert on the financials and transaction functions for our membership and event financial transactions, credit card processing, software subscriptions, insurance, and online banking systems.

This is an officer-level position and has additional responsibilities for organizational decisions under the charter.

Director Events (2 - 3 hours/week)*

 Identify 3 to 4 professional workshops to be held during the calendar year to be funded and sponsored by the Triangle UXPA - present workshop options to the Advisory Board for input and feedback.

 Identify 4-6 guest lecturers and panels on topics relevant to the UXPA charter to be recruited from the local UX community and held throughout the calendar year.

 Plan special events, such as speed networking, company tours, conferences etc.

 Contact speakers for workshops, lectures and panels and determine costs and availability.

Coordinate and work as a team with other event directors.

 Handle event logistics including:

  • Set dates and times
  • Reserve facilities and equipment and/or manage virtual events
  • Record events when possible and post to the Triangle UXPA video library
  • Manage speaker contracts for paid speakers
  • Establish registration fee structure in accordance with fee guidelines
  • Arrange food and drinks
  • Recruit additional volunteers as needed
  • Write event descriptions for web site posting
  • Coordinate event promotion with Marketing and Communications, and Social Media
  • Manage speaker transportation logistics when required
  • Create name badges and signage for each event
  • On site coordination and facilitation of each event
  • Introduce the event speaker and Triangle UXPA
  • Solicit feedback on the event and ideas for future events (e.g. evaluation)
  • Along with the other event directors, store, keep inventory and replenish event supplies as needed

 Be the expert on the Events function of the Membership Management System (Wild Apricot).

(Optional): Author, or help someone author, a blog posting after each event on the material presented.

* Weekly time commitment varies depending on events in process. For community events, the largest events are World Usability Day in November and the Career Fair in May.

    Director, Marketing and Communications (2 hours/week)

     Send out weekly events & announcements broadcast email to all contacts in the Triangle UXPA contact database (usually on Mondays or Tuesdays)

     Post open UX jobs on Triangle UXPA Job Board

     Send out special broadcast emails for final event reminders and special announcements

     Publicize Triangle UXPA events beyond our contact list - at universities, through other professional groups, in the local media, etc.

     Be the expert on the Communications function of the Membership Management System (Wild Apricot)

    Director, Social Media (2 hours/week)

     Get guest UX experts to post to the Triangle UXPA Blog

     Post regularly on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Instagram on Triangle UXPA events and activities

     Manage other Triangle UXPA social accounts, including Instagram and YouTube

     Maintain Triangle UXPA Blog including coordinating upcoming blog posts

    Director, Memberships & Sponsorships (1 hour/week)

     Define strategies and execute programs for:

    • Engage and grow Triangle UXPA membership
    • Engage and grow Triangle UXPA Sponsorships

     Prepare sponsorship proposals

     Follow-up on Sponsorship renewals

     Handle member and sponsor requests

     Be the expert on the Membership and Sponsorship functions of the Membership Management System (Wild Apricot)

    Director, Community, Mentorship and Students (2 hour/week)

     Responsibilities shared across two Director roles and additional volunteer roles.


     Manage and maintain the TriUXPA Slack channel to ensure a healthy, inclusive and safe digital space.

     Coordinate with other TriUXPA members and teams to support events (e.g. AMAs) and other activities within this space.


    Establish new and help coordinate existing mentorship-centric events and activities (e.g. portfolio reviews) for students and professionals wishing to transition to UX roles.

     Become a resource to help foster networking and connections amongst membership and working professionals.

    Student and University Outreach:

    Establish new and maintain existing outreach and communications between the Triangle UXPA and local universities and their UX student-bases (e.g. UNC Chapel Hill and NC State University).

    Coordinate events and collaborative teaching projects with local universities.

    Director, Social Impact  (1 hour/week)

    Manage the Triangle UXPA for Social Impact Program.

    Ensure impartial selection of clients and team members.

    Oversee all projects and ensure that project obligations are met.

    Provide write-ups for blog posts about each team and project.

    Triangle UXPA Board of Directors Benefits

    • Best way to build your professional network in the UX community locally and nationally
    • Free one-year Triangle UXPA membership (added on to any term you may have already)
    • Meet industry leaders from the local, national, and international UX community before or after events
    • Help shape the local UX community
    • Continue your own learning, grow as UX professional
    • Build your resume with the leading UX professionals organization recognized around the globe

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