Upcoming events

    • 19 Sep 2024
    • 12:00 PM
    • 20 Sep 2024
    • 5:30 PM
    • Marbles Kids Museum | 201 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601

    UX Y'all 2024

    September 19-20  Raleigh NC

    About UX Y’all

    UX Y’all is a user experience conference that combines the latest UX trends with Southern hospitality, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees. The conference celebrates the vibrant and diverse design and technical scene of the North Carolina Triangle area, showcasing the talent and expertise of local UX practitioners.

    The conference will be on September 19-20, with local UX speakers and keynotes sharing their knowledge and experience.

    For the latest conference updates, subscribe to our newsletter. Learn more about the conference at uxyall.org.


    Marbles Kids Museum

    201 E Hargett St, Raleigh, NC 27601, United States

    Although we are offering an in-person experience we also plan to support attendees with all conference recordings. Reach out to us at info@uxyall.org with any questions regarding conference options.


    You can request a conference refund until Friday, September 13th (one week before the conference). Refunds requested after 9/13 will only be honored if we can fill the seat from our waitlist. Additionally, you can always give your ticket to someone else (i.e., swap your ticket), or donate it. To request a refund or ask a refund question email info@uxyall.org.

    If you have questions or issues with your registration, please reach out to info@uxyall.org.

Past events

20 Jun 2024 Unleashing the Power of Neurodiversity in Tech
16 May 2024 Spring BUI and Executive Council Meet and Greet
25 Apr 2024 Interactive Figma Demo & Ask-Me-Anything
10 Apr 2024 Join the Discussion: Leveraging AI for Design and Research Efficiency with Archana Shah and Cindy McCracken
28 Mar 2024 HealthTech and UX Mixer - Meet and Greet
21 Mar 2024 A Fireside Chat on Design in the C-Suite with Andy Vitale
15 Feb 2024 UX Futurism: Futures Thinking into the Beyond
25 Jan 2024 FluidMemory Demo: Unleashing the Power of Generative AI in UX Research
07 Dec 2023 Holiday Beverage User Interface 2023
17 Nov 2023 Portfolio Review - Meet and Greet
08 Nov 2023 World Usability Day 2023
05 Oct 2023 UX Y'all Conference 2023
05 Oct 2023 UX Y'all The Breaks Design Thinking Workshop
28 Sep 2023 Our Imperatives: Connection and Fulfillment
25 Jul 2023 Digital Without the Divide: How UX Can Evolve In the Era of AI
11 May 2023 How to Think About Interaction and User Experience
20 Apr 2023 Spring Beverage User Interface 2023
06 Apr 2023 Mastering Visual Design: Advanced Tactics and Theory for UX Designers
02 Mar 2023 Workshop: Accessibility for Designers
23 Feb 2023 Leveraging Beauty and Brains for Effective Data Storytelling
24 Jan 2023 Discussion Group for the Foundations of Humane Technology Course
12 Jan 2023 Finding Meaning in Your UX Career
15 Dec 2022 Holiday Beverage User Interface 2022
10 Nov 2022 World Usability Day 2022
22 Sep 2022 UX Y'all Conference 2022
22 Sep 2022 Aligning people Through Design Systems Workshop with Sarrah Vesselov
22 Sep 2022 Behind the Scenes with the Draplin Design Co. Workshop with Aaron Draplin
21 Jul 2022 Summer Beverage User Interface 2022
28 Jun 2022 [Webinar] Lightning Webinar - Join. Watch. Leave.
16 Jun 2022 *Postponed* Humility: The Designer's Most Essential Trait
25 May 2022 UX Career Fair 2022
04 May 2022 Add Zing to Your Conference Proposal | UX Y'all Selected Series
28 Apr 2022 Which Quantitative Data Can Measure UX Quality?
14 Apr 2022 Spring Beverage User Interface 2022
16 Mar 2022 Effective Use of Surveys in UX (Workshop)
03 Mar 2022 Triangle UXPA Book Club: Atomic Research Articles by Tomer Sharon
24 Feb 2022 Designing an Interoperability Application
10 Feb 2022 Positioning Yourself for Success
27 Jan 2022 Finding Your Design Confidence
19 Jan 2022 [Webinar] Pre-recorded: Replay of UXPA International webinar "Surveys that Work" with Caroline Jarrett
16 Dec 2021 Holiday Beverage User Interface 2021
16 Nov 2021 So You Want to Work in UX? Come Learn What Hiring Managers are Looking For
11 Nov 2021 World Usability Day with Cennydd Bowles Where Next for Ethical Tech?
21 Oct 2021 Finding Your Happy Place In a Chaotic World
30 Sep 2021 [Webinar] Pre-recorded: UX Strategy Tips with Susan Weinschenk
23 Sep 2021 UX Y'all Conference
16 Sep 2021 UX in an AI World
25 Jun 2021 Accessibility Annotations for Web Designers
17 Jun 2021 Visualizations that speak to you: Our journey through inclusive design
10 Jun 2021 [UIE Webinar] Accessibility Talks with Whitney Quesenbery
26 May 2021 UX Career Fair 2021
29 Apr 2021 Accessibility - Lightning Talks
21 Apr 2021 [UIE Webinar] User Research Analysis Techniques: We’ve Done All This Research… Now What? - Steve Portigal
14 Apr 2021 UX/UI Design for Augmented Reality
30 Mar 2021 Mapping the NFL Career Journey: Visualizing UX Research for the NFL Players Association
11 Mar 2021 Together: The Essential Fusion of Culture and Design
04 Mar 2021 [UIE Webinar] Design Ops Teams that Matter: Growing a Design Ops Team
24 Feb 2021 Canceled: Speed Networking
17 Feb 2021 Designing for IoT: The new frontier of UX Design
12 Jan 2021 UX Y’all Selected Series - Lightning Talks
17 Dec 2020 Holiday Beverage User Interface 2020
17 Nov 2020 [UIE Webinar] Mapping Experiences: From Insight to Action - Jim Kalbach
12 Nov 2020 Speed Networking on World Usability Day
02 Nov 2020 Get Creative with Advanced Adobe XD Techniques
25 Sep 2020 UX Y'all Conference
17 Sep 2020 Evening Talk: Awesome UX Strategy Tips with Susan Weinschenk
31 Aug 2020 Summer 2020 IA Staycation from The Understanding Group
27 Aug 2020 Evening Talk: The Top 5 Takeaways From Cool Behavioral Economics Research with Guthrie Weinschenk
01 Mar 2020 Evening Talk: The Top 5 Takeaways From Cool Behavioral Economics Research with Guthrie Weinschenk
01 Mar 2020 Workshop: User Experience Strategy with Susan Weinschenk
28 Jan 2020 Triangle UXPA Book Club: "The Design of Everyday Things" by Don Norman
09 Jan 2020 [UIE Webinar] The UX of your UX portfolio & career - Sarah Doody
11 Dec 2019 Holiday Beverage User Interface 2019
14 Nov 2019 World Usability Day 2019
10 Oct 2019 [UIE Webinar] Back to Reality: The Challenges and Joys of Conducting User Research in VR - Yvonne Tse
04 Oct 2019 UX Y'all Conference
03 Oct 2019 UX Y'all Pre-Party and Pre-Registration
10 Sep 2019 Whiteboard Challenge with Ladies that UX
29 Aug 2019 [UIE Webinar] User Research Analysis Techniques: We’ve Done All This Research… Now What? - Steve Portigal
06 Jun 2019 Digital Equality and Access for All - John Samuel and the LCI Tech Team
31 May 2019 Triangle UXPA Book Club: "Ruined by Design" by Mike Monteiro
10 May 2019 Workshop: Articulating Design Decisions with Tom Greever
23 Apr 2019 Spring Beverage User Interface - Raleigh
18 Apr 2019 [UIE Webinar] Design Better Features by Solving Better Problems - Wren Lanier
28 Mar 2019 Triangle UXPA Book Club: "Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy" by Cathy O'Neil
14 Mar 2019 Lightning Talks: Instructive Conductive
08 Mar 2019 Don't Ask Me Why: More Effective and Compassionate Communication as Interviewers and Humans
28 Feb 2019 [UIE Webinar] Building a Continuous Learning Team: Escaping the Stagnation Sandpit - Kate Rutter
20 Feb 2019 Workshop: Prototyping Tools Part 2
12 Dec 2018 Holiday Beverage User Interface - Raleigh
15 Nov 2018 [UIE Webinar] Onboarding for Behavior Change - Samuel Hulick
13 Nov 2018 Triangle UXPA Raleigh Book Club: "Global UX: Design and Research in a Connected World" by Whitney Quesenbery and Daniel Szuc
09 Nov 2018 UX Y'all Conference
08 Nov 2018 World Usability Day 2018
24 Oct 2018 Workshop: Prototyping Tools
16 Oct 2018 Triangle UXPA Raleigh Book Club: "White Hat UX" by Falbe, Anderson, and Frederiksen
04 Oct 2018 [UIE Webinar] IA Lenses - Helpful Perspectives for Information Architects - Dan Brown
03 Oct 2018 Evening Talk: Intuitive Design with Everett McKay
26 Sep 2018 Talk: The Future of UX
21 Aug 2018 TriUXPA Raleigh Book Club: "Don't Make Me Think, Revisited" by Steve Krug
21 Aug 2018 Exploring ResearchOps
26 Jul 2018 [UIE Webinar] Encouraging Clicks - Paul Boag
17 Jul 2018 Workshop: Building Durable Agreement between Stakeholders and Designers with Models
16 Jul 2018 Evening Talk: Models for Architecting Information with Dan Klyn
27 Jun 2018 Book Club - Raleigh Chapter June Meeting
06 Jun 2018 Talk: Tools n Techniques - Perspective
17 May 2018 [UIE Webinar] Designing Dialogue: an Intro to VUI Design - Ben Sauer
15 May 2018 Workshop: Tools n Techniques - Designing for Accessibility
30 Apr 2018 The Future of Human-Technology Interaction with Susan Weinschenk
30 Apr 2018 Susan Weinschenk's Behavioral Design Workshop: How To Apply Brain And Behavioral Science To Design An Optimized User Experience
17 Apr 2018 Book Club - Raleigh Chapter April Meeting
04 Apr 2018 Beverage User Interface - Raleigh
29 Mar 2018 TriUXPA Durham Book Club: Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf
15 Mar 2018 [UIE Webinar] Getting from Barrier-free to Delightful - Whitney Quesenbery
27 Feb 2018 Book Club - Raleigh Chapter February Meeting
24 Feb 2018 World IA Day 2018
15 Feb 2018 RESCHEDULED: [UIE Webinar] Finding The Narrative In Numbers: Making The Most of Metrics - Kate Rutter
12 Feb 2018 Special Book Event - I Heart Books: Lightning Talks & Book Swap
07 Feb 2018 RESCHEDULED! Lightning Talks: Tools n Techniques - Sketch App
25 Jan 2018 Book Club - Durham Chapter January Meeting
24 Jan 2018 Beverage User Interface - Raleigh
08 Jan 2018 Workshop: Overcoming and Managing Project Challenges with Brett Harned
12 Dec 2017 Book Club - Raleigh Chapter December Meeting
07 Dec 2017 Holiday Beverage User Interface
13 Nov 2017 Workshop: Mapping Experiences with Jim Kalbach
09 Nov 2017 World Usability Day 2017
18 Oct 2017 Book Club - Raleigh Chapter October Meeting
17 Oct 2017 Talk: Tools n Techniques - UX Research
12 Oct 2017 Beverage User Interface with AIGA Raleigh
26 Sep 2017 Talk: Tools n Techniques: Design + Agile
14 Sep 2017 Beverage User Interface with Ladies That UX Durham
14 Sep 2017 [UIE Webinar] Friction, More or Less - Stephen Anderson
29 Aug 2017 exploreUX: Tools n Techniques: UX Discovery
16 Aug 2017 Book Club - Raleigh Chapter August Meeting
11 Aug 2017 Workshop: Designing Content Models
08 Aug 2017 Beverage User Interface: Mentorship Program
27 Jul 2017 Book Club - Durham Chapter July Meeting
13 Jul 2017 Beverage User Interface
06 Jul 2017 [UIE Webinar] Elephant in a Teapot: Enterprise Apps on Small Screens - Hagan Rivers
29 Jun 2017 Book Club - Raleigh Chapter June Meeting
22 Jun 2017 Lightning Talks: Tools n Techniques Series Kick Off
08 Jun 2017 The PatternFly Conference 2017
05 Jun 2017 Workshop: Researching the Problem Space
18 May 2017 Talk/Lab: Global Accessibility Awareness Day
16 May 2017 BUI: Spring Social with STC!
04 May 2017 [UIE Webinar] The Right Research Method for Any Problem (and Budget) - Leah Buley
26 Apr 2017 Triangle UXPA Book Group - Raleigh's April Meeting
25 Apr 2017 UX Inventions and Patents
04 Apr 2017 Talk: Impact Your Career, Workplace, and UX Community through Mentorship
29 Mar 2017 Karen Holtzblatt and The Women in Tech Project
21 Mar 2017 Triangle UXPA Book Group - Durham's March Meeting
02 Mar 2017 [UIE Webinar] How To Make Sense of Any Mess
16 Feb 2017 Triangle UXPA Book Group - Raleigh's February Meeting
09 Feb 2017 A Day in the Life of a Visual Designer
08 Feb 2017 Designing (N)credible Research Studies
26 Jan 2017 Open Source UX Design with PatternFly
25 Jan 2017 Triangle UXPA Book Group - Durham's January Meeting
17 Jan 2017 2017 Kickoff Happy Hour
16 Dec 2016 [UIE Webinar] Metaphors in Qualitative Research & Analysis: The Force is Strong
13 Dec 2016 A Day in the Life of a Content Strategist
08 Dec 2016 IBM Design Thinking Studio Tour
07 Dec 2016 Triangle UXPA Book Group - Raleigh's December Meeting
06 Dec 2016 The 7th Annual Merry Mingle Holiday Party
10 Nov 2016 World Usability Day 2016 - Evening Event
10 Nov 2016 World Usability Day 2016 - Daytime Events
04 Nov 2016 Workshop: Storymapping the User Experience
21 Oct 2016 [UIE Webinar] Service Design Thinking
06 Oct 2016 A Day in the Life of a UX Manager (Panel Discussion)
29 Sep 2016 Mentorship Meet and Greet Happy Hour
28 Sep 2016 Raleigh Book Club - September
15 Sep 2016 Finding Success in your UX Career with Cory Lebson
24 Aug 2016 A Day in the Life of an Information Architect
18 Aug 2016 [UIE Webinar] Collaborative Information Architecture
27 Jul 2016 A Day in the Life of a Data Visualization Designer
21 Jul 2016 Raleigh Book Club - July
19 Jul 2016 Articulating Design Decisions with Tom Greever
12 Jul 2016 Durham Book Club
22 Jun 2016 A Day in the Life of a User Researcher
17 Jun 2016 Workshop: How To Apply The Latest Research On Brain and Behavioral Science To Your Product’s Design
16 Jun 2016 Top 10 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People
19 May 2016 Raleigh Book Club - May
19 May 2016 Global Accessibility Awareness Day | ADITL with an Accessibility Analyst
21 Apr 2016 [UIE Webinar] Balancing Continuous Discovery and Delivery with Jeff Patton
14 Apr 2016 Durham Book Club - April
13 Apr 2016 A Day in the Life of a UX Designer
01 Apr 2016 Animating the User Experience Workshop
31 Mar 2016 [UIE Webinar] Features of Highly Effective Forms with Aaron Gustafson
25 Mar 2016 Better Designed Meetings with Kevin Hoffman
17 Mar 2016 Raleigh Book Club - March
09 Mar 2016 "A Day in the Life" Kick off with Lightning Talks!
18 Feb 2016 [UIE Webinar] Sharing our Stories: Designing and Reviewing UX Portfolios with Ian Fenn
04 Feb 2016 Empathy Cannot Be Automated with Jenn Downs
28 Jan 2016 Raleigh Book Club - January
28 Jan 2016 [UIE Webinar] Measuring The Customer Experience Using Top Tasks with Gerry McGovern
20 Jan 2016 Information Architecture for Everybody
19 Jan 2016 Here's to 2016 + Abby Covert Meet & Greet Social
14 Jan 2016 Prototyping Tool Mini-Con
01 Dec 2015 The 6th Annual Merry Mingle Holiday Party
20 Nov 2015 Discussing Design: Giving & Getting Better Feedback Through Critique
19 Nov 2015 Raleigh Book Club - November
19 Nov 2015 [UIE Webinar] Coding Prototypes, Even if You've Never Tried, with Nate Schutta
17 Nov 2015 Durham Book Group - November
12 Nov 2015 World Usability Day: Innovation with Rebecca Horton
09 Nov 2015 Experiencing User Experience (UX): An Overview
04 Nov 2015 "Launching your UX Career" Panel
29 Oct 2015 Halloween Happy Hour with STC Carolina Chapter
27 Oct 2015 [UIE Webinar] Better Accessibility through Your User Research with Whitney Quesenbery
08 Oct 2015 Ladies that UX Durham Kickoff Meeting!
01 Oct 2015 [UIE Webinar] Content Modeling: Creating Responsive Content Experiences with Steve Fisher
24 Sep 2015 Raleigh Book Group - September
22 Sep 2015 Durham Book Group - September
12 Aug 2015 [UIE Webinar]When Responsive Web Design Meets the Real World with Jason Grigsby
06 Aug 2015 The Emergence of Audio Design
30 Jul 2015 [UIE Webinar] Practical Empathy for Powerful Decision Making with Indi Young
23 Jul 2015 Lightning Talk: UX Process
16 Jul 2015 Raleigh Book Group - July
14 Jul 2015 Durham Book Group - July
04 Jun 2015 [Beverage User Interface] June BUI
04 Jun 2015 [UIE Webinar] Working With Atomic Design with Brad Frost
28 May 2015 How Designers Fail
21 May 2015 Raleigh Book Group - May
14 May 2015 [UIE Webinar] Explore the Possibilities of Ultra-Contextual Design with Abi Jones
01 May 2015 Story Mapping Product Experience
16 Apr 2015 Transitioning to a UX Career Panel Discussion
02 Apr 2015 [UIE Webinar] Improve UX With Animation with Rachel Nabors
26 Mar 2015 Raleigh Book Group - March
26 Mar 2015 Jeff Gothelf - Lean for Enterprise Teams
25 Mar 2015 [UIE Webinar] Designing Interaction between Devices with Josh Clark
19 Mar 2015 [Beverage User Interface] March BUI: Mentorship
16 Mar 2015 Delightful User Experiences with Intent
12 Mar 2015 [UIE Webinar] Better Accessibility through Your User Research
29 Jan 2015 [Beverage User Interface] 2015 BUI Kickoff
29 Jan 2015 [UIE Webinar] Cohesive Design Systems for Enterprise with Nathan Curtis
11 Dec 2014 [UIE Webinar] Designing Content for Product Experiences with Jonathon Colman
05 Dec 2014 [Workshop] Interface Writing with Nicole Fenton
02 Dec 2014 The 5th Annual Merry Mingle Holiday Party
13 Nov 2014 World Usability Day 2014 - Prototyping User Experience: Engagement is Never Static
16 Oct 2014 [UIE Webinar] Mapping Success with Objectives and Key Results with Christina Wodtke
24 Sep 2014 [UIE Webinar] Making UX Work with Agile Scrum Teams with Aviva Rosentstein
18 Sep 2014 [Free Event] Mobile Usability Testing: Easier Than You Think
16 Sep 2014 [Workshop] UX skills only get you so far: Get out there to advance your career!
28 Aug 2014 [UIE Webinar] Defining a UX Strategy with Jim Kalbach
26 Aug 2014 [Beverage User Interface] BUI with STC Carolina
15 Jul 2014 [UIE Webinar] Lean Roadmapping: Where Product Management and UX Meet with Bruce McCarthy
05 Jun 2014 [UIE Webinar] Responsive Workflows: Because There's No Such Thing as a Perfect Process with Ben Callahan
02 Jun 2014 [Beverage User Interface] Networking and Social Event
13 May 2014 [UIE Webinar] Lean UX: Forming & Testing Hypotheses with Josh Seiden
01 May 2014 [Free Event] Never Trust A Skinny Chef with Amanda Stockwell and Heather Young
29 Apr 2014 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Just Enough Research"
28 Apr 2014 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Just Enough Research"
17 Apr 2014 nexUX: The Triangle's Emerging Center for What's Next in User Experience (Free Event)
17 Apr 2014 [UIE Webinar] Designing Infographics and Data Visualizations with Noah Iliinsky
02 Apr 2014 [Beverage User Interface] Networking and Social Event
13 Mar 2014 [UIE Webinar] Designing Touch-Friendly Interfaces with Josh Clark
26 Feb 2014 [Workshop] Using Personas and Storytelling Effectively with Whitney Quesenbery
25 Feb 2014 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences"
24 Feb 2014 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences"
11 Feb 2014 [UIE Webinar] Designing Across Devices with Progressive Enhancement with Aaron Gustafson
04 Feb 2014 UI is Communication (Free Event)
12 Dec 2013 [UIE Webinar] Design Workflow with Stephen Hay
11 Dec 2013 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "The User Experience Team of One"
09 Dec 2013 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "The User Experience Team of One"
03 Dec 2013 Merry Mingle 2013
14 Nov 2013 World Usability Day 2013, Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems
30 Oct 2013 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Microinteractions: Designing with Details"
29 Oct 2013 [Workshop] Introduction to Responsive Design with Jonathan Smiley of Zurb
21 Oct 2013 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Microinteractions: Designing with Details"
08 Oct 2013 Augmented Reality Discussion with Mona Singh
29 Aug 2013 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Designing with the Mind in Mind"
11 Jul 2013 [UIE Webinar] Research and Design for the UX Team of One
26 Jun 2013 [Workshop] Information Architecture: Creation and Evaluation with Cory Lebson
25 Jun 2013 UX Social with Cory Lebson
25 Jun 2013 Solving Design Problems with Collaborative Methods
20 Jun 2013 [UIE Webinar] Design Studio with Adam Connor
12 Jun 2013 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Lean UX"
10 Jun 2013 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Lean UX"
21 May 2013 UX in the Agile Enterprise: A Panel Discussion
14 May 2013 [UIE Webinar] Designing for Micro-moments
23 Apr 2013 [UIE Webinar] Storyboarding: Communicating Your Ideas with Comics & Drawings
04 Apr 2013 Panel: Is School Preparing Me for a UX Career? (Free Event)
20 Mar 2013 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Understanding Comics"
18 Mar 2013 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Understanding Comics"
07 Mar 2013 [UIE Webinar] Voice and Tone: Creating Content for Humans with Kate Kiefer Lee
19 Feb 2013 [UIE Webinar] Organizing Mobile Web Experiences with Luke Wroblewski
13 Feb 2013 IBM Mobile User Experience
17 Jan 2013 [UIE Webinar] Sketching for Understanding with Nathan Curtis
29 Nov 2012 [UIE Webinar] Solutions for a World of Countless Devices with Peter-Paul Koch
26 Nov 2012 [Invited Speaker] Beyond Mobile: Where No Geek Has Gone Before with Josh Clark
15 Nov 2012 [Workshop] Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business with Jeff Gothelf
08 Nov 2012 World Usability Day 2012: Usability of Financial Systems with Cliff Anderson (Ally Financial)
25 Oct 2012 [UIE Webinar] Mapping the User Experience with Chris Risdon
18 Oct 2012 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Designing for Emotion"
17 Oct 2012 [Workshop] Silver Bullets for Getting Buy-in for UX Research with Tomer Sharon (Google)
11 Oct 2012 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Designing for Emotion"
13 Sep 2012 Designing an Optimal Tablet User Experience (Panel Discussion)
04 Sep 2012 [UIE Webinar] Content Strategy for Mobile with Karen McGrane
14 Aug 2012 [UIE Webinar] Start Full Screen: Organize, Communicate, & Annotate HTML Prototypes with Nathan Curtis
26 Jul 2012 [Guest Lecturer] Affordances and their Importance to UX Practitioners (Co-Sponsored with Bloomberg)
18 Jul 2012 [Workshop] UX Tune-Up with Carol Barnum
10 Jul 2012 [UIE Webinar] Championing Contextual Research in Your Organization with Steve Portigal
28 Jun 2012 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Mobile First"
21 Jun 2012 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Mobile First"
20 Jun 2012 [Community Event] Lowes.com UX Design and Research Process
12 Jun 2012 [UIE Webinar] Discussing Design - The Art of Critique with Adam Connor
17 May 2012 [UIE Webinar] The Design Choices You Make for Information: How to Create Great Data Visualizations with Brian Suda
26 Apr 2012 [Community Event] UX Prototyping Tools
10 Apr 2012 [UIE Webinar] Telling the Right Story with Data Visualizations with Noah Iliinsky
10 Apr 2012 [UX Book Club] Kickoff & Pre-Webinar Social
27 Mar 2012 [UIE Webinar] The Mobile Frontier With Rachel Hinman
12 Jan 2012 [UIE Webinar] Buttons Are A Hack: The New Rules Of Designing For Touch
07 Dec 2011 [UIE Webinar] Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business
17 Nov 2011 [UIE Webinar] Persuading Your Users through Visualization: The Quest for Emotional Engagement
10 Nov 2011 World Usability Day 2011: Education: Designing for Social Change
20 Oct 2011 [UIE Webinar] Gamestorming — Brainstorming Games for Team Creativity: Creating an Environment for Innovation with Dave Gray
05 Oct 2011 [Workshop] Tapworthy Mobile Design and User Experience Workshop With Josh Clark
04 Oct 2011 [Workshop] User eXperience 101
27 Sep 2011 [Community Event] Building HTML5/CSS3 Applications
07 Sep 2011 [Community Event] Myths and Misconceptions of Usability Testing
01 Sep 2011 [UIE Webinar] Story Mapping for UX Practitioners: Tying Agile & UX Together
11 Aug 2011 [UIE Webinar] 6 Lessons for Online Content Curation: Museum as Muse
09 Aug 2011 [Community Event] Posting Our Hearts Out: Understanding Online Self-Discourse for Better Designs
05 Jul 2011 [Community Event] Facebook Product Design
30 Jun 2011 [UIE Webinar] CSS3 with Dan Rubin
23 Jun 2011 [UIE Webinar] Plays Well With Others: Survival Skills for Design Teams with Dan Brown of EightShapes
16 Jun 2011 [Community Event] Prosthetic Mobile Computing
09 Jun 2011 [UIE Webinar] Ajax, A Deeper Dive with Derek Featherstone (CANCELED TODAY)
03 Jun 2011 [Partner Event] Triangle Startup Weekend
25 May 2011 [Community Event] Effective Data Visualization Panel
19 May 2011 [UIE Webinar] Designing with Scenarios, Putting Personas to Work with Kim Goodwin
28 Apr 2011 [UIE Webinar] Search as a Multichannel Experience with Pete Bell of Endeca
26 Apr 2011 [Community Event] Designing Narrative-Centered Learning Environments
21 Apr 2011 [UIE Webinar] From PDFs to HTML Prototypes with Nathan Curtis, EightShapes
07 Apr 2011 [UIE Webinar] User Research Analysis Events with Steve Portigal
17 Mar 2011 [UIE Webinar] Mobile Design: Designing Tapworthy Mobile Apps
17 Mar 2011 [Workshop] MoreBetterLabs: Practical Usability Testing
08 Mar 2011 [Guest Lecturer] "We Live Here: Why Information Architecture Matters" with Andrew Hinton
24 Feb 2011 [UIE Webinar] Information Design with Noah Iliinsky
17 Feb 2011 [UIE Webinar] The Secrets of Great UX Documentation with Dan Brown
03 Feb 2011 [UIE Webinar] A Practical Approach to Better Project Kickoffs with Kevin Hoffman
14 Dec 2010 [Social Event] UX-mas Party
09 Dec 2010 [UIE Webinar] A Deeper Dive on the UX-Team-of-One Theory with Leah Buley
18 Nov 2010 [UIE Webinar] Visual Design for Web Applications with David Rivers
11 Nov 2010 World Usability Day 2010
04 Nov 2010 [UIE Webinar] Seductive Interaction Design With Stephen Anderson
01 Nov 2010 [Social Event] Beverage User Interface: Post-Workshop
01 Nov 2010 [Workshop] Good Design Faster: An all-day workshop with Leah Buley
14 Oct 2010 [UIE Webinar] AJAX Essentials with Derek Featherstone
06 Oct 2010 [Community Event] A Strategic Approach to Metrics for User Experience Designers
30 Sep 2010 [UIE Webinar] Writing Vibrant, Compelling Web Copy
23 Sep 2010 [Community Event] A Day In The Life Of A UX Professional - Panel Discussion Co-Hosted By TRIUPA And UNC ASIS&T
16 Sep 2010 [UIE Webinar] Organization Schemes with Donna Spencer
26 Aug 2010 [UIE Webinar] Online Persuasion with Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg
05 Aug 2010 [UIE Webinar] Storytelling For UX With Whitney Quesenbery
20 Jul 2010 [Social Event] UX Trivia Night
15 Jul 2010 [Community Event] Healthcare Part 2: A Human Factors Approach to Patient Queuing in a Children’s Clinic
15 Jul 2010 [UIE Webinar] Remote Usability Testing with Nate Bolt
08 Jul 2010 [Partner Event] Introduction to UX - UNC Webmasters Meeting with Abe Crystal
23 Jun 2010 [UIE Webinar] Search Analytics, With Louis Rosenfeld
17 Jun 2010 [Community Event] Real World Content Strategy
15 Jun 2010 [Community Event] Ethnography: Because Customers Don’t Always DO What They SAY
03 Jun 2010 [UIE Webinar] Content Strategy, With Kristina Halvorson
21 May 2010 [Community Event] Designers Korner Durham #3
12 Nov 2009 World Usability Day 2009
09 Sep 2009 [Workshop] Modeling Concepts: New IA Techniques for a Web 2.0 World (Full-Day Workshop)
27 Aug 2009 [Community Event] Death To The Spec: Building A Testable Prototype Using Axure

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