[UIE Webinar] Start Full Screen: Organize, Communicate, & Annotate HTML Prototypes with Nathan Curtis

  • 14 Aug 2012
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Capstrat, 1201 Edwards Mill Road, First Floor, Raleigh, NC 27607
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UIE Webinar: Start Full Screen: Organize, Communicate, & Annotate HTML Prototypes
Nathan Curtis, EightShapes

A light dinner will be provided for the registration fee. The webinar will start promptly at 6pm, preceded by a half hour for socializing, networking, and food. Come early to meet your fellow TriUXPAers and talk shop!

You’ll learn to:

  • Build HTML prototypes and organize them systematically
  • Break prototype assets - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - into small, reusable components
  • Use an HTML prototype to communicate an entire experience
  • Annotate pages and components with markers and detailed notes as needed

If your team is transitioning from static documentation to iterative HTML prototypes, then this seminar is right up your alley.

Nathan will talk about how his team at EightShapes brought it's renowned modular philosophy of modular components and libraries for producing PDFs to prototyping using simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You'll hear how to efficiently chunk your own designs into reusable bits, then communicate and annotate the prototype, including all of its variations and flows for stakeholders and teams alike.

You'll walk away knowing how to package your project prototypes, then tailor conversations to be of and around the experiences rather than walking through a document. And with the registration comes both EightShapes' CSS & JavaScript library and a sample HTML prototype that demonstrates all the concepts covered.

Build HTML prototypes and organize them systematically

You'll ease your team's transition from documents to HTML prototypes.

  • Find out why organizing your experience can actually speed delivery
  • Shape the scope of your stakeholder conversations

Break designs into small, reusable components

You'll learn how prototypes can be built, broken into parts, and then put back together.

  • Learn how to chunk designs and organize templates systematically
  • Create a navigable gallery that load all your varied page layout and content variations

Use an HTML prototype to communicate an entire experience

You'll make conversations about experiences rather than documents.

  • Demonstrate design alternatives to help stakeholders make choices
  • Show multiple pages and variations simultaneously in one view

Annotate and collaborate using basic markup

You'll hear how EightShapes is leading collaborative prototyping as a practice.

  • Use HTML markup for annotating templates, then hide it for usability testing
  • Balance when to compose detailed notes versus relying just on a prototype

If you're an enthusiastic proponent of efficient and responsive design, then register now. Because you'll achieve both more quickly with Nathan's guidance.

Why Nathan Curtis?

Nathan Curtis has been swimming in the deep end of the UX pool since 1996, when he started focusing his creative energies on IA, ID, usability, and front-end development. He's also an entrepreneur at heart, having founded the renowned EightShapes in Washington, DC, where he continues to make a splash today.

Nathan, who authored Modular Web Design, also led other UIE seminars we suggest watching, including How to Create a UX Design Library from September 2010 and Components vs. Patterns from January 2009. He also held a virtual seminar in 2011 on this topic of HTML prototypes if you need a primer. Find him on Twitter @nathanacurtis


Capstrat, 1201 Edwards Mill Road, First Floor
Raleigh, NC27607

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