Triangle User Experience Professionals Association (TriUXPA)

The Triangle UXPA was founded in 2005 and is the Triangle chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association. We are focused on building and supporting the local community of practitioners who focus on crafting great user experiences.


Our upcoming and past events are below. View the Triangle UX Calendar for all Triangle-area UX-related events. 

Have an event or talk idea? Visit our Call For Speakers page for more information and submission details. 

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Upcoming events

    • 21 Apr 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (EDT)

    Steve Portigal                      

    User Research Analysis Techniques: We’ve Done All This Research… Now What?


    You've worked hard conducting a chunk of usability testing.  You have notes, transcripts, video, etc. You have data - a lot of data! Now what?

    The analysis of what you learn in usability testing is invaluable. Some of your team’s best design decisions come from this testing. But how do you ensure the plethora of comments, observations, and insight leads you to the right decisions? To the best decisions?

    Steve Portigal is the expert we turn to when pondering next steps for this stage in our design process. He shows us how to make sure we’re not leaving any important information behind. Steve directs us on how to truly harness the power of insights to bring about strategic changes in designs, processes, products, and more.

    In this seminar, you will see how to use analysis and synthesis to go from data to insights. You’ll learn how to take these insights and determine real opportunities for growth. You’ll discover how to get to the point where real innovation occurs.

    We are able to offer this webinar at no cost. Come at 6:00 to meet your fellow Triangle UXPA peers and talk shop!

    The webinar will be present online with Airmeet. 

    Join at ...

    • 29 Apr 2021
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (EDT)
    • Online

    Hey Y’all,

    Come join us for a series of lighting talks on a variety of topics around accessibility. You’ll hear talks about designing for cognitive disability, usability testing with people with disabilities, inclusive design and usability, top tips for accessible design, and trauma-informed design! Lightning talks are a short (~10 minutes) informal presentation to share a wide variety of ideas in a small amount of time.


    • 5:30-5:45pm: Sign-in and networking
    • 5:45-7:00pm: Lighting talks
    • 7:00-7:30pm: Q&A and networking

    Topics & Speakers:

    Designing an Accessible UX

    by Katrina Powell

    Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at SAS Institute, Inc

    Creating harmony between web accessibility guidelines, inclusive design, and usability best practices is a challenge that UX designers and content creators often face. In this talk you’ll understand and embrace the core principles of inclusive design and usability in order to connect your customers with your product, and have your website be accessible by everyone regardless of age, culture, ability, gender, or other differences.

    Speaker Bio:

    Katrina L. Powell is a Sr. Global Digital Marketer who's on a mission to help organizations adopt a “web accessibility first” mindset – and think about accessibility at every stage of a project. In her role at SAS Institute, Inc., she leads digital accessibility efforts for over 60 global websites, and works with global marketing and creative teams to ensure website compliance. Her passion for accessibility, inclusive design and usability drives her commitment to think creatively and drive innovation. Katrina has been invited to share her marketing expertise, and practical and repeatable framework to organizations such as The City of Raleigh, NC State and British Airways. Her mix of marketing experience helps her develop strategies that deliver results and brings an immediate positive impact to organizations.

    Trauma Informed Design

    by Melissa Eggleston

    Founder, UX Designer & Instructor at Birdcall

    Learn what trauma informed design is, why we should care about it, the long term effects of trauma, and how UXers can make websites more trauma-informed.

    Speaker Bio:

    UX designer Melissa Eggleston founded Birdcall to serve those important organizations that often don’t have someone with her skills. This includes non-profits, B-corps, and other purpose-driven organizations. She has more than 12 years of experience helping organizations with their user experience and content strategy. She also teaches UX to graduate students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. You can learn more about her work on LinkedIn or on her personal website. A passion project for Melissa is promoting trauma-informed design. Melissa leads all Birdcall projects while bringing in other collaborators and/or UX apprentices as needed. To be a responsible corporate citizen we are pursuing B-corp certification in 2021.

    Inclusive Usability Testing

    by Sarah Arnold

    Digital Accessibility Consultant at UNC at Chapel Hill

    By including people with disabilities in usability tests, you ensure a broader audience can use your products. This talk will touch on what to consider when designing a usability test to include participants with disabilities. Topics include disability etiquette, materials and prototypes, and assistive technology.

    Speaker Bio:

    Sarah is a member of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Digital Accessibility Office. Her work focuses on accessibility assessments and consultations with campus partners. She also oversees the Digital Accessibility Liaison program. Sarah joined the Digital Accessibility Office from the UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries, where she worked as the Content Strategy Librarian in the User Experience department for four years. She collaborated with colleagues to improve the usability and accessibility of the library's digital content. She has extensive experience with user research and testing methods. She earned her Master of Science in Library Science from Carolina’s School of Information and Library Science.

    Accessible Design: Designing for Humans

    by Michelle Chin

    Manager, Product Design at Citrix

    Designing for accessibility isn’t a matter of checking off boxes to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). It’s about designing for all humans regardless of their impairments. We want everyone to have usable experiences with our sites or apps. In this talk, Michelle will cover top tips for accessible design for humans.

    Speaker Bio:

    Michelle is a Product Design Manager at Citrix with 15+ years of accessibility experience. Originally from the DC area, many of her design projects were for federal clients. These projects had to be accessible, which is how she gained extensive knowledge on the topic. She loves teaching others how to incorporate accessibility into their design process. Michelle currently lives in the Bay Area. When she lived in Raleigh, she hosted events for exploreUX and participated on the Triangle UXPA Executive Council.

    Inclusive Design and Cognitive Disability

    by Dennis Lembree

    Director of Accessibility at Diamond Web Services

    Learn a variety of techniques to make your digital designs more inclusive and accessible. Learning points target users with a cognitive disability and will also increase usability for all users.

    Speaker Bio:

    Mr. Lembree is the Director of Accessibility at Diamond Web Services. Previously, he worked for five years as Sr Accessibility Consultant at Deque Systems and several years on the PayPal and eBay accessibility teams. He has experience at several start-up companies and has contracted at large corporations including Google, Ford, and Disney. Mr. Lembree has published articles, led webinars, and presented on digital accessibility at many conferences including the HTML5 DevCon, CSS DevCon, CSUN, AccessU, Accessibility Toronto, and Paris Web. Dennis runs a blog (and Twitter account) on web accessibility called Web Axe; and he created an accessible, two-time national award-winning Twitter app, Easy Chirp.

    More to be announced...


    We will be using an online networking and conference tool called Airmeet to deliver this live presentation. 

    This event will be recorded and Triangle UXPA members will have access to the recording post-event. We will provide additional sign-in details closer to the event.

    All of our events follow Triangle UXPA’s code of conduct.

    • 26 May 2021
    • (EDT)
    • 27 May 2021
    • (EDT)
    • 2 sessions
    • Virtual

    Triangle UXPA’s Career Fair is a two-day mini-conference designed to help you grow your career. The event will have sessions with insights from experienced UX professionals, portfolio reviews, and plenty of networking opportunities. We’re looking to help students, career changers, and current UXers define or refine their career path and help local companies get the right people to the right UX jobs!

    This will be a virtual event via Airmeet.

    • Sign up to have your portfolio reviewed
    • Sign up to host a booth or represent your company if you are a local company hiring or a recruitment company.
    • Have a career question? Submit it to our Ask The Experts Panelists

     Wednesday, May 26th

     All Tracks 5:30pm - 5:45pm    Event Introduction

     Track A     5:45pm - 7:30pm    Portfolio Reviews

     Track B           

    5:45pm - 6:30pm    A Day In The Life Lightning Talks

    6:45m - 7:30pm      Ask The Experts Panel Discussion

     Track C         5:45pm - 7:30pm    Vendor and Company Booths

    Track A: Portfolio Reviews

    In this session, we'll pair designers interested in having their portfolios reviewed with professionals and other designers to provide feedback and next steps. 

    Track B: A Day In The Life (Lightning Talks)

    In this session companies throughout the Triangle will give brief presentations about the work and culture of their companies. 

    Speakers will be announced as the lineup is finalized. 

    Track C: Ask The Experts (Panel Discussion)

    Panelists will discuss their career paths and answer questions about a variety of topics including tips to find jobs, interview techniques, and industry insights.

    Panelists will be announced as the lineup is finalized. 

     Thursday, May 27th

     All Tracks 5:30pm - 5:45pm    Event Introduction

     Track A.   

    5:45pm - 6:30pm    Keynote

    6:45pm - 7:30pm    Networking + Q&A

     Track B.   

    5:45pm - 6:30pm    Keynote(s)

    6:45pm - 7:30pm      Networking + Q&A

     Track C.         5:45pm - 7:30pm    Vendor and Company Booths

    Track A: Keynote(s)

    Getting to Senior in UX

    by Cyd Harrell

    In this informal talk, Cyd condenses her extensive mentoring experience to show you how to take the career step from mid-level to senior as a designer working in organizations. How do you keep your edge as a practitioner as you step into leadership responsibilities? How do you become a pragmatic advocate for UX? How do you develop a resume and portfolio that speaks to the next level? How do you deal positively with organizational politics? How do you show up as a senior person both internally and in public? She'll discuss all of these tricky areas and there will be extra time to answer your questions.

    Speaker Bio:

    Cyd Harrell

    Civic Design Consultant

    Cyd is well known in industry and government for her creative approach to UX research and service design. Since 2012, working with the Center for Civic Design, Code for America, and 18F, as well as independently, Cyd has helped multiple executive- and judicial-branch agencies in the US apply research techniques and user-centered practice to serving the public. Her book, A Civic Technologist’s Practice Guide, is an onboarding guide and survival manual for tech people joining public sector work. When not at the office helping public servants use design for good, Cyd is a mentor for mid-senior UX practitioners. Her favorite tools are metaphor and (metaphorical) duct tape.

    Track B: Keynote(s)

    Ten Questions Every Recent Design Graduate Should Ask When Interviewing Their First Manager

    by Gretchen McNeely & Pieter Kruithof

    Your first manager is important because they help shape your future and, in turn, how you impact the world. In fact, Meg Whitman, former CEO of HPE, emphasized during her talk on leadership on the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast that your first manager will have the biggest impact on your ability to develop as a new professional.

    “Your biggest influence as you leave school is going to be the person you work for. Do they share the same values? Do you think they're going to be a good mentor and help you learn? Your job in your first five years out of undergraduate school or graduate school is learning.”

    Robert Sutton, professor of management science at Stanford University, reinforces the impact of poor managers in his book, Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Be the Best... and Learn from the Worst.

    “Bosses shape how people spend their days and whether they experience joy or despair, perform well or badly, or are healthy or sick. Unfortunately, there are hoards of mediocre and downright rotten bosses out there, and big gaps between the best and the worst.” It’s likely that poor managers may have an even greater impact on recent graduates, who might not have the skills to navigate a “rotten boss.”

    Speaker Bio:

    Gretchen McNeely

    Experience Architect Manager,

    Industry X at Accenture

    The presenter is a UX researcher and content strategist with 15 years of experience in physical and industrial design, environmental/service design, and digital content. Her areas of expertise include ethnography, information architecture, opportunity identification, product pilots, contextual inquiry, proof-of-concept testing, and branded content strategy. Her additional professional interests include audio and conversational design, wayfinding, and medical devices.

    Pieter Kruithof

    User Research Lead

    Digital Business Automation at IBM

    The presenter is a highly pragmatic user experience research professional with deep domain experience in cloud technology spanning the infrastructure, middleware, and application layers. He’s currently a user researcher with IBM’s Cloud, Data, and AI Design organization.


    • Several attendees will receive free Sketch licenses. 


    We will be using an online networking and conference tool called Airmeet to deliver this live presentation. 

    This event will be recorded and Triangle UXPA members will have access to the keynotes, a day in the life series and the panelist discussion post-event. 

    We will provide additional sign-in details closer to the event.

    • 23 Sep 2021
    • 5:00 PM (EDT)
    • 24 Sep 2021
    • 5:30 PM (EDT)

    About UX Y'all

    UX Y’all is a user experience conference with Southern hospitality. We will celebrate the North Carolina Triangle area, with its diverse and growing design and technical scene. Lots of local UX practitioners speak at conferences and Meetups all over the world, and UX Y’all aims to bring those speakers together.

    We'll kick off the conference on September 23, 2021, and then have a full day of learning on September 24, 2021 with local UX speakers and keynotes sharing their knowledge and experience.


    Regular tickets are now on sale for $169.


    You can request a conference refund until Friday, September 17th (one week before the conference). Refunds requested after 9/17 will only be honored if we can fill the seat from our waitlist. Additionally, you can always give your ticket to someone else (i.e., swap your ticket), or donate it. To request a refund or ask a refund question email

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26 Mar 2015 Jeff Gothelf - Lean for Enterprise Teams
25 Mar 2015 [UIE Webinar] Designing Interaction between Devices with Josh Clark
19 Mar 2015 [Beverage User Interface] March BUI: Mentorship
16 Mar 2015 Delightful User Experiences with Intent
12 Mar 2015 [UIE Webinar] Better Accessibility through Your User Research
29 Jan 2015 [Beverage User Interface] 2015 BUI Kickoff
29 Jan 2015 [UIE Webinar] Cohesive Design Systems for Enterprise with Nathan Curtis
11 Dec 2014 [UIE Webinar] Designing Content for Product Experiences with Jonathon Colman
05 Dec 2014 [Workshop] Interface Writing with Nicole Fenton
02 Dec 2014 The 5th Annual Merry Mingle Holiday Party
13 Nov 2014 World Usability Day 2014 - Prototyping User Experience: Engagement is Never Static
16 Oct 2014 [UIE Webinar] Mapping Success with Objectives and Key Results with Christina Wodtke
24 Sep 2014 [UIE Webinar] Making UX Work with Agile Scrum Teams with Aviva Rosentstein
18 Sep 2014 [Free Event] Mobile Usability Testing: Easier Than You Think
16 Sep 2014 [Workshop] UX skills only get you so far: Get out there to advance your career!
28 Aug 2014 [UIE Webinar] Defining a UX Strategy with Jim Kalbach
26 Aug 2014 [Beverage User Interface] BUI with STC Carolina
15 Jul 2014 [UIE Webinar] Lean Roadmapping: Where Product Management and UX Meet with Bruce McCarthy
05 Jun 2014 [UIE Webinar] Responsive Workflows: Because There's No Such Thing as a Perfect Process with Ben Callahan
02 Jun 2014 [Beverage User Interface] Networking and Social Event
13 May 2014 [UIE Webinar] Lean UX: Forming & Testing Hypotheses with Josh Seiden
01 May 2014 [Free Event] Never Trust A Skinny Chef with Amanda Stockwell and Heather Young
29 Apr 2014 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Just Enough Research"
28 Apr 2014 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Just Enough Research"
17 Apr 2014 nexUX: The Triangle's Emerging Center for What's Next in User Experience (Free Event)
17 Apr 2014 [UIE Webinar] Designing Infographics and Data Visualizations with Noah Iliinsky
02 Apr 2014 [Beverage User Interface] Networking and Social Event
13 Mar 2014 [UIE Webinar] Designing Touch-Friendly Interfaces with Josh Clark
26 Feb 2014 [Workshop] Using Personas and Storytelling Effectively with Whitney Quesenbery
25 Feb 2014 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences"
24 Feb 2014 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences"
11 Feb 2014 [UIE Webinar] Designing Across Devices with Progressive Enhancement with Aaron Gustafson
04 Feb 2014 UI is Communication (Free Event)
12 Dec 2013 [UIE Webinar] Design Workflow with Stephen Hay
11 Dec 2013 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "The User Experience Team of One"
09 Dec 2013 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "The User Experience Team of One"
03 Dec 2013 Merry Mingle 2013
14 Nov 2013 World Usability Day 2013, Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems
30 Oct 2013 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Microinteractions: Designing with Details"
29 Oct 2013 [Workshop] Introduction to Responsive Design with Jonathan Smiley of Zurb
21 Oct 2013 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Microinteractions: Designing with Details"
08 Oct 2013 Augmented Reality Discussion with Mona Singh
29 Aug 2013 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Designing with the Mind in Mind"
11 Jul 2013 [UIE Webinar] Research and Design for the UX Team of One
26 Jun 2013 [Workshop] Information Architecture: Creation and Evaluation with Cory Lebson
25 Jun 2013 UX Social with Cory Lebson
25 Jun 2013 Solving Design Problems with Collaborative Methods
20 Jun 2013 [UIE Webinar] Design Studio with Adam Connor
12 Jun 2013 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Lean UX"
10 Jun 2013 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Lean UX"
21 May 2013 UX in the Agile Enterprise: A Panel Discussion
14 May 2013 [UIE Webinar] Designing for Micro-moments
23 Apr 2013 [UIE Webinar] Storyboarding: Communicating Your Ideas with Comics & Drawings
04 Apr 2013 Panel: Is School Preparing Me for a UX Career? (Free Event)
20 Mar 2013 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Understanding Comics"
18 Mar 2013 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Understanding Comics"
07 Mar 2013 [UIE Webinar] Voice and Tone: Creating Content for Humans with Kate Kiefer Lee
19 Feb 2013 [UIE Webinar] Organizing Mobile Web Experiences with Luke Wroblewski
13 Feb 2013 IBM Mobile User Experience
17 Jan 2013 [UIE Webinar] Sketching for Understanding with Nathan Curtis
29 Nov 2012 [UIE Webinar] Solutions for a World of Countless Devices with Peter-Paul Koch
26 Nov 2012 [Invited Speaker] Beyond Mobile: Where No Geek Has Gone Before with Josh Clark
15 Nov 2012 [Workshop] Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business with Jeff Gothelf
08 Nov 2012 World Usability Day 2012: Usability of Financial Systems with Cliff Anderson (Ally Financial)
25 Oct 2012 [UIE Webinar] Mapping the User Experience with Chris Risdon
18 Oct 2012 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Designing for Emotion"
17 Oct 2012 [Workshop] Silver Bullets for Getting Buy-in for UX Research with Tomer Sharon (Google)
11 Oct 2012 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Designing for Emotion"
13 Sep 2012 Designing an Optimal Tablet User Experience (Panel Discussion)
04 Sep 2012 [UIE Webinar] Content Strategy for Mobile with Karen McGrane
14 Aug 2012 [UIE Webinar] Start Full Screen: Organize, Communicate, & Annotate HTML Prototypes with Nathan Curtis
26 Jul 2012 [Guest Lecturer] Affordances and their Importance to UX Practitioners (Co-Sponsored with Bloomberg)
18 Jul 2012 [Workshop] UX Tune-Up with Carol Barnum
10 Jul 2012 [UIE Webinar] Championing Contextual Research in Your Organization with Steve Portigal
28 Jun 2012 [UX Book Club] Raleigh Book Discussion of "Mobile First"
21 Jun 2012 [UX Book Club] Durham Book Discussion of "Mobile First"
20 Jun 2012 [Community Event] UX Design and Research Process
12 Jun 2012 [UIE Webinar] Discussing Design - The Art of Critique with Adam Connor
17 May 2012 [UIE Webinar] The Design Choices You Make for Information: How to Create Great Data Visualizations with Brian Suda
26 Apr 2012 [Community Event] UX Prototyping Tools
10 Apr 2012 [UIE Webinar] Telling the Right Story with Data Visualizations with Noah Iliinsky
10 Apr 2012 [UX Book Club] Kickoff & Pre-Webinar Social
27 Mar 2012 [UIE Webinar] The Mobile Frontier With Rachel Hinman
12 Jan 2012 [UIE Webinar] Buttons Are A Hack: The New Rules Of Designing For Touch
07 Dec 2011 [UIE Webinar] Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business
17 Nov 2011 [UIE Webinar] Persuading Your Users through Visualization: The Quest for Emotional Engagement
10 Nov 2011 World Usability Day 2011: Education: Designing for Social Change
20 Oct 2011 [UIE Webinar] Gamestorming — Brainstorming Games for Team Creativity: Creating an Environment for Innovation with Dave Gray
05 Oct 2011 [Workshop] Tapworthy Mobile Design and User Experience Workshop With Josh Clark
04 Oct 2011 [Workshop] User eXperience 101
27 Sep 2011 [Community Event] Building HTML5/CSS3 Applications
07 Sep 2011 [Community Event] Myths and Misconceptions of Usability Testing
01 Sep 2011 [UIE Webinar] Story Mapping for UX Practitioners: Tying Agile & UX Together
11 Aug 2011 [UIE Webinar] 6 Lessons for Online Content Curation: Museum as Muse
09 Aug 2011 [Community Event] Posting Our Hearts Out: Understanding Online Self-Discourse for Better Designs
05 Jul 2011 [Community Event] Facebook Product Design
30 Jun 2011 [UIE Webinar] CSS3 with Dan Rubin
23 Jun 2011 [UIE Webinar] Plays Well With Others: Survival Skills for Design Teams with Dan Brown of EightShapes
16 Jun 2011 [Community Event] Prosthetic Mobile Computing
09 Jun 2011 [UIE Webinar] Ajax, A Deeper Dive with Derek Featherstone (CANCELED TODAY)
03 Jun 2011 [Partner Event] Triangle Startup Weekend
25 May 2011 [Community Event] Effective Data Visualization Panel
19 May 2011 [UIE Webinar] Designing with Scenarios, Putting Personas to Work with Kim Goodwin
28 Apr 2011 [UIE Webinar] Search as a Multichannel Experience with Pete Bell of Endeca
26 Apr 2011 [Community Event] Designing Narrative-Centered Learning Environments
21 Apr 2011 [UIE Webinar] From PDFs to HTML Prototypes with Nathan Curtis, EightShapes
07 Apr 2011 [UIE Webinar] User Research Analysis Events with Steve Portigal
17 Mar 2011 [UIE Webinar] Mobile Design: Designing Tapworthy Mobile Apps
17 Mar 2011 [Workshop] MoreBetterLabs: Practical Usability Testing
08 Mar 2011 [Guest Lecturer] "We Live Here: Why Information Architecture Matters" with Andrew Hinton
24 Feb 2011 [UIE Webinar] Information Design with Noah Iliinsky
17 Feb 2011 [UIE Webinar] The Secrets of Great UX Documentation with Dan Brown
03 Feb 2011 [UIE Webinar] A Practical Approach to Better Project Kickoffs with Kevin Hoffman
14 Dec 2010 [Social Event] UX-mas Party
09 Dec 2010 [UIE Webinar] A Deeper Dive on the UX-Team-of-One Theory with Leah Buley
18 Nov 2010 [UIE Webinar] Visual Design for Web Applications with David Rivers
11 Nov 2010 World Usability Day 2010
04 Nov 2010 [UIE Webinar] Seductive Interaction Design With Stephen Anderson
01 Nov 2010 [Social Event] Beverage User Interface: Post-Workshop
01 Nov 2010 [Workshop] Good Design Faster: An all-day workshop with Leah Buley
14 Oct 2010 [UIE Webinar] AJAX Essentials with Derek Featherstone
06 Oct 2010 [Community Event] A Strategic Approach to Metrics for User Experience Designers
30 Sep 2010 [UIE Webinar] Writing Vibrant, Compelling Web Copy
23 Sep 2010 [Community Event] A Day In The Life Of A UX Professional - Panel Discussion Co-Hosted By TRIUPA And UNC ASIS&T
16 Sep 2010 [UIE Webinar] Organization Schemes with Donna Spencer
26 Aug 2010 [UIE Webinar] Online Persuasion with Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg
05 Aug 2010 [UIE Webinar] Storytelling For UX With Whitney Quesenbery
20 Jul 2010 [Social Event] UX Trivia Night
15 Jul 2010 [Community Event] Healthcare Part 2: A Human Factors Approach to Patient Queuing in a Children’s Clinic
15 Jul 2010 [UIE Webinar] Remote Usability Testing with Nate Bolt
08 Jul 2010 [Partner Event] Introduction to UX - UNC Webmasters Meeting with Abe Crystal
23 Jun 2010 [UIE Webinar] Search Analytics, With Louis Rosenfeld
17 Jun 2010 [Community Event] Real World Content Strategy
15 Jun 2010 [Community Event] Ethnography: Because Customers Don’t Always DO What They SAY
03 Jun 2010 [UIE Webinar] Content Strategy, With Kristina Halvorson
21 May 2010 [Community Event] Designers Korner Durham #3
12 Nov 2009 World Usability Day 2009
09 Sep 2009 [Workshop] Modeling Concepts: New IA Techniques for a Web 2.0 World (Full-Day Workshop)
27 Aug 2009 [Community Event] Death To The Spec: Building A Testable Prototype Using Axure

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