UNC Interactionary Team Profile #1 — Brian Landau

08 Nov 2006 5:00 PM | Deleted user

How did you become interested in user experience design?I became interested in being a user experience designer when I came to SILS and started learning about the different specialties of Information Science. I became particularly interested in User-Centered design processes and all the techniques and disciplines that fall under that. What's your favorite aspect of user experience design?Thinking about and mapping out the users' flow through their interaction/information space.What's one of your favorite designs (of any kind)? One of your least favorite?

What do you do when you're not dreaming about how to improve all of the world's broken products?World Domination… oops I mean Peace.Actually, I'm probably analyzing the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows: LOST, Jericho, and Heros. That and hoping to get a new Mac everytime a new model comes out.

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