UNC Interactionary Team Profile #2 — Christie McDaniel

09 Nov 2006 5:00 PM | Deleted user

How did you become interested in user experience design?
I have became increasingly interested in user experience design throughout my time at SILS. Evaluating websites and developing websites for client really puts you in the user's position and you learn just how important it is to design your system or your interface around the needs of the user.

What’s your favorite aspect of user experience design?
I enjoy analyzing people to figure out what their needs are versus what can realistically be done. Creating user-centered systems is like putting together a puzzle - all of the pieces have to fit.

What’s one of your favorite designs (of any kind)? One of your least favorite?
I really enjoy interfaces on iPods. It's effective and easy-to-use - it does exactly what you want it to do. I despise frames - they are the worst thing to ever happen to websites!

What do you do when you’re not dreaming about how to improve all of the world’s broken products?
When I'm not in school I do yoga, I run, and I read absolutely anything I can get my hands on. And of course, there's my Nintendo DS which provides hours of fun.

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