Sign up for TriUPA's 2008 World Usability Day design challenge!

20 Oct 2008 5:00 PM | Deleted user

TriUPA's 2008 World Usability Day design challenge!

Here's your chance to show off your UX and design skillz by attacking transportation design problems from a user-centered perspective. Form a team and meet other TriUPAians from around the Triangle. It's gonna be a blast... but you've got to sign up to get involved. Sign up before registration closes on 10/22/08!

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Summary of Challenge
Oct 22nd: Registration deadline

Volunteers from the TriUPA community register to participate in the design challenge. At this point all that is required is a commitment to participate, you don't need a team or a specific idea.

Please sign up here.

Oct 25th: Design Challenge Kickoff (at Viget Labs in Durham)

  • Registered volunteers meet to form teams and pick a design challenge.
  • Each team will have 4 or 5 practitioners each.
  • The design problem may be anything related to transportation. Including
    • How do humans interact with the following aspects of transportation:
      • Modes – automobiles, planes, trains and subways, boats, trucks, busses, bikes, animals, and more.
      • Infrastructure – roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, and more.
      • Technologies and resources supporting transportation – online travel advisory and ticketing, maps and more.
      • Security
      • Signage
    • How do the modes interact with each other?
    • How do transportation modes and issues impact our environment? How can being green improve usability of transportation?
    • How have accessibility issues and challenges been addressed by transportation?
    • Waiting (in traffic, for trains/buses/planes to arrive or depart, etc.) is a fundamental part of transportation. How can we improve the user experience of waiting in the context of transportation, particularly public transportation?
  • Teams will work on the design problem they pick from Oct 25th to Nov 13th. Each team must prepare a 15 minute presentation for WUD. The presentation must highlight the techniques used, artifacts generated, interesting findings, the final results.

Nov 13th: WUD
Teams will be asked to present their designs at an evening event on November 13th, hosted by GSK in RTP. Prizes will be awarded for innovation, practicality, environmental impact, and creativity.

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