TriUPA IA Summit 2009 Recap

22 Apr 2009 5:00 PM | Deleted user

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the annual IA Summit conference, and we were lucky enough to have six local colleagues (including myself) make it out to Memphis, TN for the event. In an effort to bring the Summit back to the community, we held a recap event last Thursday. We shared our favorite presentations, and some of the larger themes we noticed throughout the event.

A huge thanks to everyone who came out, and, as promised, here are the presentations we talked about:
Amanda McGuire (BCBSNC)

  • "ROI: Speaking the Language of Business," Eric Reiss
  • "Using Enterprise IA to Support Business Strategy," Gary Carlson & Samantha Starmer
  • "When Appeasement is Not Enough undefined Or, How to Work Within 'Government Time'," Naomi Norman
  • "Strategies for Enabling UX to Play a More Strategic Role," Richard Anderson & Craig Peters
  • "Turning HiPPOs into Allies: How to Connect With Powerful People in Your Organization," Samantha Starmer

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Javier Velasco (UNC SILS)

Anita Crescenzi (UNC Health Sciences Library)

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Jonell Gades (Fidelity)

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Jackson Fox (Viget Labs)

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Other Resources
In addition to our slides and the presentations linked above, you can see many more presentations on Slideshare, and listen to podcasts of the sessions on Boxes & Arrows.

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